Saturday, March 17, 2012

100 Kilometre Art Challenge

Support Local Artists  

We’re all familiar with the slogan ‘Buy Local’ as it relates to food, but  we can also apply this philosophy to other areas. What about buying local art, for example? 

Buy supporting local artists, we nurture creativity where we live.

Yes, great art can come from our own home towns, and is in fact already being produced here. Nova Scotia has very many extremely talented and hardworking artists. Here are some ways to participate in the 100 Kilometre Art Challenge:

     *Purchase local artwork as a gift to honour an employee, or a retiree.

    *When decorating your home or your office, look for original art.

    *Approach a local artist to display their artwork in your place of business.

    *Commission a local artist to create a painting of your business or home,
    or to paint a portrait of a family member or a special pet.

    *Sponsor an art exhibit.

    *Support  art education by offering an art bursary at a local high school.

    *Host an art party for friends or staff with a local artist.

*Attend the art exhibits that are offered locally, even if you can’t afford to buy.

*Write comments in the artist's guestbook. Artists appreciate feedback from their audience.
 These are just a few of the ways you can appreciate and support the creativity that is all around us locally.