Monday, January 6, 2014

Island Girls Exhibition Opens!

Back in the summer six artists were given the opportunity to stay on beautiful, privately owned, Long Island for a week to paint primarily en plein air. Long Island is off Parrsboro, NS, in the Minas Basin ( the home to the highest tides in the world ). The participants were:

* Judy Arsenault * Louise Baker * Sheila Harnish * *Susan Paterson * Zehava Power * Denise Soper

Long Island presents some real challenges to the artist with its sheer cliffs. The task of getting all our art supplies and luggage from the boat onto the island was a cooperative effort involving cranes and cables. We were lucky to have beautiful weather which allowed us to paint outdoors from dawn to dusk. Each night, after an evening meal we had a group critique and discussion of the work created that day. As the week drew to a close we realized we had, between the 6 artists over 80 paintings and sketches. 

Our group show demonstrates the variety of work that can come from 6 different perspectives in the same location. We created work in different sizes, mediums and techniques.
We would like to extend special thanks to Mr. Dick Lemon.

View photographs from that week: