Saturday, April 7, 2012 

I have always loved birds.  I feed them in my yard and they never fail to reward me with a flash of colour and feather, and a snippet of bird song.
‘Birdland’ was first conceived of last summer, as I sat and watched the birds at my feeders.  I began thinking of making paintings that featured birds and where birds live.
‘Birdland’ is dedicated to the memory of my mother Alice Arsenault, who lovingly depicted these elusive beings in her own artwork, and who was herself tiny and delicate, yet possessed of surprising strength.
As I worked on the paintings, I began to incorporate bits and pieces in a type of layering process that was not unlike the building of a nest. Embedded in the encaustic are memories and reflections on life, both for birds and for people, because in many ways we are simply not that different.